Small steps. [16]

When you are feeling as low as me right now (and trust me i am feeling low, the lowest I’ve  ever felt in my entire life), you find a lot of people just tell you the usual splurge “you need to get back out there“, “go out with your friends“, “go do this, go do that” . But actually when you have been so emotionally damaged, feel completely broken and heightened anxiety it’s really not that easy to go out. I have not got the energy to put on a fake smile and face the world, not yet. I can’t face anything right now.

If anyone else feels like this, i have discovered very small steps which have helped me feel a little better, they might help you aswel:

Baths are great for making you feel relaxed. I know this is probably a silly thing to write for something so simple as a bath, but there is something luxourious about having a bath over a quick shower. I brought a more expensive bubble bath, body wash and shampoo to what i would normally buy, it feels nice to treat my body. It is crying out for some TLC – my body physically aches so baths have been really soothing and it gives me the time to really relax my body.

Skin care is something else that has been making me feel better about myself. In the evenings i now look forward to coming home from work and taking all my make up off. Again i brought luxury facial cleansers and face masks. My skin has been awful lately (probably from being so emotionally run down) so myself confidence has lifted slightly by having healthier looking skin. When you have cried so much your eyes have been sore and swollen for days, it’s now nice to have an expensive moisturiser to fix the damage.

Cutting my hair was probably the best decision i made lately. Having a completely new look and different hair colour has given me a little boost. I can now look in the mirror and see a different person – there is something that appeals to me about being unrecognisable right now. Even though i find going to the hair dressers quite difficult, my hair dresser is so lovely and reasurring, and it felt nice to be pampered.


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