Salvation Army. [18]

Christmas will be really tough for me this year, i feel so lost and broken that i don’t even know who i am anymore, but i do know that i have a kind, loving heart above all my flaws. My Christmas won’t be great, the sense of what i have lost will probably hit me even harder because Christmas is a time to be with the people you love the most, i have to accept he is not here anymore which i am struggling with everyday.

But, i am lucky because i already know i will have my family around me, a dinner cooked for me, presents exchanged and i know that i will go to sleep in my cosy bed. There are people right now who will not have the reassurance of knowing that. Those who are less fortunate are the ones fighting the hardest battles, yet somehow we all get caught up in our own lives and ignore them.

Last year i was completely spoilt, i’ll be completely honest donating to charity was the last thing on my list with all the presents i had to buy. I never thought my life would be pulled apart from me, out of my control, i was naive to think i would always be secure – i  now count my lucky stars everyday that i had a family to go running back home to when things go wrong. Without them, seriously where would i be living right now? It’s a really scary thought. One i couldn’t choose to ignore, so i decided to make a donation purely to support those who rely on our help. I don’t think it’s about the amount you give, it’s that fact that you did, because you care. It makes me feel a little better that my donation might just bring someone else just a small piece of happiness this Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Salvation Army. [18]

  1. Your beautiful, such a kind and sweet thing to do.
    I do hope you make the most out of the holidays. Christmas will be different for me also this year, but it is all about making the most out of what you have.

    XOXO DaiseyDropper


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