Sleep & Meditation. [23]

I have been seeing a therapist once a week for the past 3 months to help me overcome my anxiety issues which have been holding me back from living a normal life. I wouldn’t ever say this is something i am proud of, i never wanted to have to admit defeat and go, i felt really ashamed and embarrassed – there are only 2 people who know i see a therapist (well and now you guys) and that’s how i want to keep it for now.

After a really tough first couple of months, slowly but surely my therapists work is helping me deal with these difficult issues i have been carrying around.ย There is nothing easy about seeing a therapist, it is mentally tough, but it is also the best decision i have made.

This week she is helping me learn the art of meditation. One of the hardest things i struggle with is the ability to ‘shut down’. I have an active brain and in the past i would sleep walk almost every night quiet simply because my brain could just not shut down like it is supposed to, or i will lay in bed wide awake for hours worrying about every little detail of my day. Neither of these things are my fault – trust me I’ve tried counting sheep and all the standard ‘good night sleep’ remedies but nothing truly works when your brain is chemically active.

However, simple meditation exercises have now started to improve my nights sleep, instead of going to bed anxious or with a million thoughts buzzing around my brain at a million miles per hour, i can now get into bed and feel calm. When you are used to feeling mentally exhausted, i can’t tell you how great it feels to just feel relaxed. These exercises involve 20 minutes of controlled breathing and stretching, and 20 minutes listening to a mediation app (i was advised to use Head Space which is really good). If your anxiety effects your sleep please try these really easy steps before bed! I am excited to have found a routine which seems to finally be working for me.


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