…and breathe. [33]

Yesterday was such a mentally tough day, i felt completely drained and exhausted today. Tonight i just wanted to try and keep myself as calm as possible to prevent myself from having another panic attack because i really don’t want anymore over Christmas. I had the longest lay in the bath and then did some stretches to relieve the tension built up in my back, neck and shoulders.

One of the things my therapist does with me every session is breathing exercises. It may sound silly to some people but actually they really work for me. Learning to breathe properly and how to control my breathing when i feel anxious is crucial. I have to do atleast 20 minutes of these every night and now i look forward to it. I have to also listen to my Headspace or Calm app when i get into bed to help me sleep.

If i feel the anxiety building inside me all i have to do is just shut my eyes and focus on my breathing, and ignore the anxiety rushing around my body and mind. I am so determined to control this beast myself, i don’t want to have to resort to medication and be reliant on it. Once i go on medication i’ll never come off it, i can do this myself but it’s just going to take a lot longer to control.


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