I did it. [36]

Oh my god, I actually managed to stay out without having a panic attack and having to come home!

The only time it all hit me was about an hour before I had to leave, all the anxiety started and I could feel the panic rising, I had a few tears but just managed to catch myself from spiralling. Instead of getting myself into a state, I put my Calm app on and did my breathing exercises – and it fucking worked.

I also didn’t feel any pressure to get drunk, i didn’t get drunk. I only had a couple of drinks and stuck to water. I felt in control of my anxiety for the first time in a long, long time.

You can see below how proud I am from the grin on my face (left). Happy Christmas Eve everyone.


7 thoughts on “I did it. [36]

  1. I use the Calm app or Headspace – i use those every night before bed and most of the time they really help me get to sleep, or sometimes before i get out of the bed in the morning! i would totally recommend. I want to join a yoga class but i haven’t got the confidence yet, what about you?


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