My 50th blog post! [50]

Wow i can’t believe i have been daily blogging for 50 days?! The day i created my blog, i really thought “what the hell am i doing, nobody will ever read this” – and 50 days later…i have 71 followers! I’ve had so many kind, caring people leave me such lovely supportive comments during the hardest time of my life. I have also read other peoples stories and realised I’m not the only one in the world who has problems or struggles with anxiety. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment, and also thank you for sharing your lives, making me feel less alone and inspiring everyday!

So while I’m on a high – i was invited out last night with my brothers and family friends who i haven’t seen for such a long time, i was completely overwhelmed with how happy they were to see me out. Last time i saw them was Halloween, and i was in floods of tears having a panic attack in front of everyone. They are such lovely, caring people, and so accepting of me. I am also so proud of myself for managing to go out, i was so anxious after last weeks attack, but they all assured me they wouldn’t leave me on my own or go back to the place where it happened. It would of been so easy for me to stay in at home but i managed to overcome the anxiety, and remembered all the tips I’ve learnt from therapy which seem to self consciously be working (fingers crossed). I didn’t drink though, drinking always brings out my panic attacks, but i still had a good night and hopefully i will be able to go to more outings in the future.


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