Ancient history. [52]

Photo:  My own photo from my trip to Athens in 2016, at The Temple of Zeus. 

Without out a doubt, the best part of my relationship was visiting SO many amazing historic places together around the world. Last year we went to Athens, it was probably my favourite place yet. I really fell in love with it – it really is as beautiful as Rome.

For a long time i have felt like i couldn’t ever enjoy these places ever again, because they remind me of him, and how happy i was with him there. – But actually, this is exactly why i should carry on my love and interest for ancient history. I feel like it’s a part of who i am now, i don’t want to loose that about myself.

With my Christmas money i have treated myself to some Greek Mythology and Roman books. They haven’t arrived yet, so for now i am listening to greek myth stories on an audio i downloaded and it honestly feels so comforting to me, it takes me right back to that happy place. The places were I fell in love, felt alive and apart of something special.

I have also just been researching the next places i want to go, i am so determined to see some more ruins this year. The only thing that sucks is i just don’t know anyone with the same passion, the friends i do have would only want to go away to Ibiza to get drunk. And, because it was ‘our thing’ and something we enjoyed together, i don’t actually want to go see places with anyone else. I don’t need a replacement.

So with that in mind, i really am contemplating going on my own?! Is this madness? A girl who suffers with such crippling anxiety? or will this be the best thing i ever did? I am so scared of being lonely and the thought of travelling alone scares me – but I’m alone now — what difference is it really going to make? Would it really be that bad? help!


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