Feeling sad & losing weight [56]

I had therapy tonight, normally i come away feeling better, but tonights session was just really hard, and I’ve come away feeling really, really sad. I feel so lonely tonight. All i want is him here to talk to, or just a hug. The fact that i’ll never have that again just hurts so much. Everyone i know is busy tonight and I’m home alone feeling this shit.

To try and make myself feel bit better, i have had a relaxing bath, got into my comfy clothes and eaten whatever i want, because i can now afford to!

In 3 months i have lost a stone! – A STONE? i have done very minimal exercise, i’ve just lost weight through my appetite massively decreasing from feeling so, so low. However, i suppose it’s a bitter sweet situation – it’s sad to lose weight in this way, but i do feel more attractive and i feel more confident buying clothes again. However i can see it’s a dangerous circle, because even though I’ve lost a stone, i still want to lose some more. But, i want to in a healthier way from now on, since i’ve got nothing to do tonight i am looking at healthier diets, rather then eating the bare minimum everyday.


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