Anxiety & Sleepwalking. [57]

I have always struggled with sleepwalking, anyone who knows me will know that as a child i suffered massively with sleep walking, my parents having to lock every window or door in the house and having a bedroom downstairs as i fell down them so many times. Nobody knew why, it was just something “Emily did”. It was normal to me aswel, i can remember being really young and the doctor telling my mum “she’ll grow out of it”

I am now 24, i have “grown out of it” a lot, i don’t sleepwalk half as much as i did when i was a kid, but every now and again it sneaks back on me. Over the years i have learnt/been told that actually i sleep walk not because i am dreaming, but because it’s my brain not being able to shut off. It is the same chemical reaction that sparks off my anxiety, it is not something i can go to bed and decide, i don’t go to bed and think “ok, let’s sleep walk tonight!” and i think that’s what a lot of people don’t understand. Sleepwalking is also really distressing to me, i normally end up in a hysterical state crying or lashing out at people. I have also been told that my breathing is rapid and heavy some nights, almost like i am having a panic attack in my sleep. It is exhausting to deal with.

I haven’t had a sleepwalking episode for a long time, but the past 2 nights i have, and my mood has rapidly spiralled back down again. I feel so suffocated by anxiety, like i can never get away from it, it’s always there. But, i think lack of sleep makes my mood ten times worse, so today i have tried to relax as much as possible and tried all my natural sleep remedies in hope for a normal nights sleep.

I would be interested to know if any other anxiety sufferers have issues with sleep walking aswel? i have yet to meet anyone my age who still sleep walks!


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