The worst news. [60]

I’ll keep this post short because i am so completely devastated i can’t even type, but the whole idea of my blog was to share my life daily so i can’t pick and choose the parts i want to tell you – The day of all days i have been terrified of happened, someone at work telling me they believe he is “seeing someone” and have seen him with someone else. I just looked at them and burst into tears, that cry you can’t control. There really is nothing to say to describe how i feel, i don’t want to believe it’s true, i really don’t –  but also why wouldn’t it be?

I feel absolutely empty, i feel like i have been stamped on a thousand times, i am just dead inside now. I want to disappear.


2 thoughts on “The worst news. [60]

  1. You poor thing, I can’t imagine the heartbreak your going through. I only get a taste of what your going through and my honest opinion is that this guy is a wanker. He has lost someone who still loves him, after all this ordeal you have been through.
    Never put yourself below him because it will be him who looses. Its hard to find someone that cares for you as you do for him and he will realise that one day.
    You need to pick yourself up from where he left you on the floor because he really isnt worth making you feel this way day in and day out. You deserve some fucking happiness.
    So today’s task for you is to stop your mind going back because you are getting torn apart. He doesnt deserve you. Keep yourself occupied when you are alone so you don’t keep thinking of his stupid ass

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    1. Thank you, I needed to hear this. In the space on this blog I have also been told it’s not true. So I am completely head fucked at the moment. I suppose I just have to remain as calm as possible and block all of this out, the thought of it crushes me let alone going out and seeing it. I’ll never know what’s true and what’s not so I just want to keep my distance from everyone at the moment 😦 thanks for your advise xXx


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