Dead memories. [63]

They say that pain ‘makes people stronger’ but actually i think it just changes people.

I look at the girl i was this time last week crying my eyes out remembering all the ‘happy memories’ now i feel absolutely nothing. Why? – because now, i feel like it was all fake. They don’t feel happy anymore. I know i should look back and remember them as happy times, but in all honesty i can’t feel it anymore.

I feel like i have emotionally shut now. I feel different now, i don’t feel like me anymore, I don’t want to look back at all those memories and photos, because they truly feel dead. Dead memories. They don’t bring me any comfort what so ever anymore, because  I look back at the stupid girl in them and feel like laughing at her. I think what a fucking idiot and i want to scream that in her face because she didn’t have the sense to see what was coming. I never want to be the person in all those photos again.


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