The glamorous truth [73]

Today my manager said i looked ‘gaunt’ and i suppose now i can see why, i have massive sockets apperring under my eyes, my cheek bones are there and bones in my neck i never even knew exsisted. I used to have such puffy glowy skin and was always told i looked way younger then 24 years old. Now i just look aged, i look old and tired and disgusting. This is what emotional pain does to you, it hurts so much that your mind won’t let you feel anything. I sit and i try so hard to cry, but nothing comes out, i don’t even feel sad! Can anyone else relate to this?


3 thoughts on “The glamorous truth [73]

  1. have you started any new medications? I used to get pretty emotional during sad scenes in movies, but when I got started on some SSRI it was as if that part of my brain was just switched off. Was a very strange experience.

    You look beautiful, and I hope that you can believe me when I say that. Also, remember to be kind to yourself and I hope you aren’t punishing yourself in any way ā¤ stay strong

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    1. Thank you, no I don’t want to go on any medication because I know I’ll never come off it, I feel like I can do this myself it’s just got to take so much longer. Aww thank you, I don’t feel it at all right now; I don’t feel anything šŸ˜¦ xx

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