Calling all Skeletons [74]

Ugh. Therapy with Alan tonight didn’t go so great. He was making me talk about the things i miss the most. They are actually really simple things, like watching films in his arms or him staying over every weekend before we lived together, or just laughing with him in general.

It all got too much again, he set me off into an excruciating panic attack, the pain was honestly unbearable, so much so that i was heaving and retching. I still couldn’t cry, but i was shaking like a leaf. Apparently that’s what he wants, the ‘core’ and we will work from here to remove all the memories. I suppose it’s so i will associate those memories with feeling sick and in being in pain. He said the pain i feel is like that of loosing a family member, which is true as I’ve never been so close to anyone else in my life, i never want to be ever again, he was my family. He is family that i’ll never get to see again.


5 thoughts on “Calling all Skeletons [74]

    1. Hi Phil, on the paperwork I’ve got it just says Grief Counselling – so im not sure what the name is? I can find out. I know right, it’s costing my an absolute fortune so if I don’t feel any better in a month I am going to stop going

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      1. The thing that really comes to mind is that movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

        If there is name to this mode of therapy, I’d love to know what it is. Hope it works out โค


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