Suicide Squad [102]

Group therapy. I had been offered group therapy before, but i didn’t feel confident or ready to face it but tonight i went just to see what it would be like. In my head I’ve already nic-named it suicide squad.

First of all i was late (only by like 10 minutes) so the session had already started – every anxiety sufferers worst nightmare – because i then had to knock on the door and enter a room full of strangers, i had no idea who anyone was or where to sit. Luckily, these people understand and couldn’t of made me feel more welcome as i stood trembling like an idiot.

The group i am with are all people suffering with depression. It was all going well until one man told us about his depression, he told us about how worthless he felt and that he feels so alone and unloved, he had tried to commit suicide 6 times, and his last attempt was 3 weeks ago. As he was talking tears were rolling down my cheeks – I HAVEN’T CRIED ONE TEAR IN 6 WEEKS – but this guy got me, something in my heart flickered again. I felt emotionally connected and all i wanted to do was tell him it will be ok. I just could not stop crying, mainly because he was so nice. The group leader asked me why i was crying (in a nice way) and i just said because it’s so sad. At the end of the session the man came over to me and said he felt bad for making me cry and gave me the biggest hug. A complete stranger hugging me.

I think i will go back, but not soon, i wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about my depression yet. I can’t even think straight let alone try and tell a group of strangers about it. ย Has anyone on here had group therapy? Did you guys find it helpful?


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