Levison Wood [104]

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see Levison Wood tonight (if you don’t know him, please google him) – it was honestly the most refreshing 2 hours of my life.

Everything he shared, advised and talked about is everything i need to hear right now. There is a reason why i am going on a trip of a life time, no matter how scary it might seem now to me, i feel like it is the start of how the rest of my life will be, full of adventure and doing good in the world. This is how i always pictured my life growing up, but shit happens – but now i’ve already saved the money (and will continue to save) because i won’t let myself down like other people have let me down.

He talked about how the jungles now have 4G in them, and how self absorbed everyone is with social media. Who are we trying to impress? Nothing angers me more then girls who wear a full face of caked on make up, upload multiple selfies every week and then get 60+ ‘likes’ and comments about how amazing they are. Oh my christ, the only time i want 60 likes on a photo is if i have achieved my dream of saving endangered animals or teaching less privileged children how to read. Yes you must be really inspiring to upload yourcheap selfies in your bedroom hiding behind your fake face of make up. Well done you for making a difference in the world.

I’ve felt lost for a long time, but actually, i know exactly what road lies ahead for me.


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