Something good. [110]

I have now officially finished my job!!! which is perfect timing as it gives me a couple of days off to mentally prepare myself to start my new one.

I have fallen back in love with a song, this used to be my favourite song and for some reason i just forgot about it. The happy nostalgia is mad, it takes me right back to those days spent at college working my arse off on my work, laid back in the sun working on exciting projects and absolutely loving photography. I miss that, i miss being creative.

ANYWAY – Today, i am planning my trip. It is all booked and (nearly) all paid for, but it kind of just hit me that this is real, i am going and i need to get organised with what i need to buy, i have a lot of documents to sort out and i physically need to sort my health out. I find this hard as mentally i still have a long way to go, but the trip will be physically demanding, i don’t want to be fainting or feel so exhausted that i can’t do it. So i need to start exercising and trying to eat properly, I’m starting with walking long distances as this will build up my stamina. I also want to go swimming atleast once or twice a week as anxiety and being sat down all day gives me terrible back aches. I just don’t want everyone starring at me and having a panic attack when get there. Ahh here is to me having another go at going out of my comfort zone.

*To those who keep asking, I will be revealing where I am travelling to soon!*


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