Blog & Breezeblocks. [112]

I had therapy this morning, Debbie has a project she would like me to be apart of. She knows i have my blog, she wants my consent to let her pass on the link for other ‘clients’ aka anxiety, depression and whatever else comes from having a broken heart sufferers to be able to read it and feel inspired or not alone i suppose – although, to me i don’t really feel like i have achieved a great deal, but i suppose when i look back i remember how i couldn’t even get my words out without hysterically crying, now i am going half way across the world on my own. I am all up for making someone else feel less alone. [So hello to any new people reading my blog..welcome to my mess]

Scary part – she would like me to attend group therapy more often and present my blog/talk to them about it. I have said yes, but on the basis i do it in my own time.

I have also fallen back in love with this song, the louder i play alt-j the better they sound.


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