I am Nikon [113]

Not sure if i have mentioned on my blog before, but I am actually a qualified photographer,   I’ve done my training and have worked in different photography jobs, but i never felt happy and the pay was terrible, so i just gave up on the dream and to be honest lost all my confidence, even though i passed my college course with the highest possible marks i never felt good enough. But recently i have remembered the reasons why i love photography, i just enjoy capturing the mood of a person, or life as it is in that moment, i don’t care for all the nitty gritty details of how a photo should be taken, that completely bores me.

What type of photography do i like?  My heart lies with Nature. Whether this be sunsets, sunrises, landscapes, wildlife or star time lapses – i fucking love nature. I love being outside and i truly appreciate how beautiful the world is everyday. Anyone who knows me will know that i am forever taking photos on my phone of sunsets out the window. But now i want real professional photos i can be proud of. I want the most magical photos from my trip aswel – i mean if i am going to be travelling the world i need good photos right?!

Neither the less, when i pick up my camera now i feel rusty, i don’t feel confident anymore and i need practise. So i have managed to pin down a man who can help me, he is going to take me out and give me a few lessons again. This does make me anxious though (the joys of an anxious mind) i am already thinking of how awkward it will be or what an idiot i will make out of myself BUT i need to do this. I hope and prey my anxiety won’t ruin this for me.


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