The answer to your most asked question is…


I am travelling all around Costa Rica – how mad that is for me to type. I am the girl fighting anxiety and depression every single day, who would think that i would be in the position now. I am going on the biggest adventure of my life, on my own. BUT I’m not going for a holiday (well i suppose it is in someways) but i am going to do all kinds of things to help – Wildlife Conservation.

This is my dream. All I’ve ever wanted to do is help animals and save the planet. It is going to be hard work though, i am going to be camping in the rainforest – THE RAINFOREST!?!, climbing active volcanoes, working at a wildlife rescue sanctuary and releasing baby turtles into the sea at night, beach clean ups, teaching english in schools to children and visiting a refugee camp and much more.

The are so many activities included in my trip aswel such as snorkelling in the reefs, zip lining through the jungle, bathing in volcanic springs, swimming with nurse sharks, visiting a coffee plantation, learning to surf, caving, swimming in waterfalls, rafting etc. I am pretty much travelling the whole of Costa Rica with nothing but a backpack and a mini van with a small group of people.

As much as i am excited, of course I’m terrified, I’ve never done anything like this, i suffer from anxiety, now i am going to be completely out of my comfort zone and on my own. But for me it is worth it to help. This is what my future will look like, i won’t stay in that 9-5 routine with everyone else.  Yes – at 24 I probably should be saving for a mortgage, but actually it’s not what I want. I don’t want to be tied to one place. I would much rather my money goes to better a purpose. I am not silly either, I have another account of money which I don’t touch, so if that day comes I do have savings. Of course i need to work now, this trip isn’t cheap and in order for me to live my dreams i need a secure well paying job to do so, which I’ve managed to land.

Sooo wish me luck, i don’t go for a while, but this is real and this is happening! I actually have another trip on my own lined up aswel.. watch this space..


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