10 things I love. [129]

One thing i have to do for therapy is list 10 things I love (this has taken me a long time to think of 10 things) and bring them to Tuesday nights sessions, so i thought why not write them on my blog then I can print this off. I can share some positivity with you guys to.

  1. Animals. My biggest love for aslong as i can remember. As a tiny child everyone knew how much I loved animals, from the day i left school i turned vegetarian and went straight to college to do Animal Welfare (unfortunately that didn’t work out), but I feel like my love for animals is built in me, i can’t express how happy they make me.
  2. Travel. I love to see the world and going away, i want to see as much as a i can in my life – as simple as that.
  3. Space. I am that annoying person who is always starring into space. Space boggles my mind, I love nothing more then just staring at the stars. Films about space are my favourite. I love learning about the planets, oneday i will buy myself a telescope. Nothing is more relaxing then walking around at night looking at the stars.
  4. Ancient History. At the moment this is still bittersweet for me, he introduced me to ancient history, something I had never really thought about before. But it has opened my eyes to a whole new world, I absolutely love learning about Romans, Greeks/Greek myth & Egyptians. It’s just hard for me to love it on my own.
  5. Astrology. Im sure you’ve picked up by now that I am Cancer. I have believed in my horoscope for a really long time, it’s a load of rubbish to some people, but to me they have always been extremely accurate and my personality is that of a Cancerian – it just blows my mind everytime. I don’t trust or believe in God, but i do the Zodiac. I feel connected to the universe.
  6. Photography. I love taking photos, i love preserving memories and being creative with the way we look at the world. I am a qualified photographer, my dream is just to travel with my camera and get beautiful photos of the world and wildlife, I’m not in it for a high flying career.
  7. Adventure. This is something that scares me, when you suffer from anxiety it is a lot harder to leave your comfort zone. However as i’ve got older the more the desire for adventure bursts out of me, I am pretty proud of myself for following this gut feeling and booking that trip across the world. I want to make a diffference, no matter how small it might be, wildlife conservation is so important to me.
  8. Yoga. I used to love yoga, but i lost my confidence when i put on weight, then my anxiety was so bad the thought of joining a class seemed overwhelming. It just so happens at my new job they run a yoga class once a week, i have only been to 1 session so far, but i love it already and because i have lost weight i feel confident again. It is so mentally good for me, and really good for my back.
  9. Saving money. I have always been good with my money, i have never got in a mess, but lately i have really enjoyed saving. I only buy things i need, i hate wasting money, I used to spend a lot on make up and just junk in general, but now i am always thinking “you don’t need that, put it to better use” and it is so rewarding for me seeing the money stack up every month.
  10. Kindness. One of my biggest flaws/weaknesses is kindness. I love helping people/animals whatever it might be, i don’t know why but i just have a nurturing nature. I also have a painfully annoying forgiving nature, I can just sympathise with people. In fact, the people who have hurt me the most over the years are the ones i lay awake missing and always want to smoother in love and tell them it’s ok. My god i wish i could do that now,  but I am not good at being kind to myself, in fact i very rarely am. I forever feel like things are always my fault, i abuse my body by not eating properly, i let my anxiety hold me back etc etc etc. However, this is what therapy is for, my chance to get over these hurdles.

2 thoughts on “10 things I love. [129]

  1. herongrace

    Fab post I love this. The 1st thing I thought on reading this was “obviously a Sagittarian!” This I thought from your enquiring mind, a love of travel and learning. Your distaste for waste says “Virgo” to me and I think perhaps your Saturn inclines you to being self-critical, but importantly you recognise this and so can work at improving your relationship with yourself. You have obviously have wonderful characteristics.

    Liked by 1 person

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