Suicide to Smiles [131]

To Emm, love Emm..

“I’ll have you living life like you should, you’ll say you never had it so good.”

I woke up so happy this morning, as i was getting ready for work I was listening to this dancing around my room in my underwear (who’d of thought i’d mentally get to this place?) to this song full blast and honestly, I look great. As much as i wish i could go back in time, i would not go back to that fat horrible body. The one good thing that has come out of this devestating break up is my new sexy body. This is my song to myself. šŸŒšŸ™šŸ»āœˆļøšŸŽ’ 

How have I gone from suicidal to smiles? – all I’m doing is following the advice from my therapists, professional help. Of course I still feel terrible inside, but I’ve been told if I hang onto the guilt and shame of what I did I will destroy myself time & time again. So instead I’ve had to hold my hands up and apologise, to everyone I’ve hurt, which I’ve done (although he didn’t reply which is understandable but I can’t think on that too much otherwise it will set me off) All I’m doing now is trying hard to find peace for myself though positivity.


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