Staring my blog on a positive note – I picked up my brand new car today! I am honestly so proud, everytime I look at it i think “I paid for that”. I love it already, although I was sad to say goodbye to my old one. God bless that car.

So then I went and did my food shop (adult life, except I really don’t eat much so you can’t call it a food shop) a ‘mutual friend’ – although i really wouldn’t call them my friend at all, stopped to say hi and then straight away went in with  “I’m sorry to hear he cheated on you, what happened?” – and honestly i was ready to flip, i was like how the fuck do you know about it and i didn’t?! And don’t lie, you know exactly what happened. It fucking hurts so much, i feel so paranoid that everyone knew apart from me. I didn’t freak out though, i was just extremely blunt and was like “it’s fine, don’t want to talk about it” and just gave him the look of death. My face must of said it all. I am just exhausted of all the toxic energy. Why do people have to keep reminding me everyday when I’m trying so hard to sort my head out. I really do believe people get a little kick out of making you feel insignificant. 


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