Love. [135]

I love this quote. It’s a true representation of my life. What I’ve learnt lately is that I was blessed with real love, a love that makes you go above & beyond and crazy when taken away. I have accepted that he didn’t love me, but I absolutely adored him. I could only ever see the good, and for me that’s the memory I never want to let go of. No amount of therapy or toxic people can take that away from me, it’s quite literally all I’ve got left.

Even after everything, I would still always be there for him, it’s not a choice, I’ve learnt that real love is unconditional, you never stop caring, the ache of missing their company always lingers, you can’t hold onto anger no matter how much pain you’re in. Slowly but surely I am letting go of the anger I hold on myself 🙏🏻🌻


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