69.  [136]

Good morning and thank you daily horoscope for this, I am not crazy.  I’ll forever miss you and that’s ok, in my heart you will always stay 🙏🏻  #trust-the-zodiac

Good evening – so tonight as it was such a nice evening I took my camera out to the fields\forest to try get some good shots, as soon as i got there it got really dark quickly (I started scaring myself by thinking of The Blair Witch, one of those films i love and hate! it really scares me but i love it)

– anyway – I then noticed the stars, I love space so fucking much. I was just watching satellites fly over for ages.. which then spiralled into me downloading a satellite app on my phone, basically it notifies you when one is due to fly over…. and when the actual space centre will come over. My god, I sit and wonder why nobody loves me?!  I don’t care though because it genuinely makes me happy. I need to find some sort of hobby that involves astronomy. Any ideas?


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