Seeing A Physic. [138]

I was supposed to be seeing a one-to-one physic tomorrow night but it got pulled forward to tonight instead. I actually saw this lady 7 years ago and she wasn’t wrong about anything. It’s all done very professionally she has no idea who I am. She wouldn’t be able to find out any information of me either because I don’t give my sirname or any personal details.

She did remember me as soon as I walked in the room which was mad, 7 years is a long time. I won’t go into everything which we talked about because it would be too long and hard to explain in writing. I’ll just focus on the crazy stuff.

I had been in there less then 5 minutes and she said held my hand and sincerely said she said was sorry for the darkness I have been living in.

Then she said his name (i won’t announce it on here) but she straight away said he is protecting me from something, but wouldn’t tell me what, she just said to feel assured that he is protecting you not isolating you. What the hell does this mean?! protecting me from a dark secret? Apparently I am actually always in his thoughts, he hasn’t let me go at all, he is holding a lot of guilt and distracting himself from it. Apparently I’m holding a lot of shame and punishing myself (very true). Then she said you will never lose each other, this is just a massive turning point in our lives, apparently he needs me. Mainly emotionally, she said he is missing that release in his life and won’t be able to find that connection with anyone else because apparently we are soul mates, and it will only get harder for him, just as much as it will for me. We are connected, we are each others soul mates and neither of us will feel complete without the other. (I was keeping it together extremely well as i didn’t want to cry and give any emotion away)

She then started laughing, she said something like we have both spun a tangled ball of string into knots and what a mess it is, apparently our own desires in life did this, not us. We both craved something more inside, the right people at the wrong time. She couldn’t stress that enough that we are supposed to be together. When we finally unravel our mess we will be the only two staring back at each other, this could be months or years but apparently we will gravitate back together but in ‘very different circumstances’ as in we will not be the people we were from our past. (this makes me happy – i never want to be the mess i had become, i literally didn’t go out, my self-esteem was on the floor, i had no friends, and now when i look back i think it really was because i knew my life was supposed to be out seeing the world, not stuck in a routine) anyway – I then had to say it’s really cruel or damaging to tell me that if you don’t mean it, and she held my hand again and said “it’s there”

Then she said have faith in yourself in where you are right now, apparently i am extremely strong and resilient (which makes me laugh as i feel like the weakest person) and then this did make me smile, she said you’re going to travel far and wide, my desire for adventure will shape the person i will become in the future. She said you’re a fantastic listener and more people will be gravitating towards me soon. We then went onto talk about my family, that was scary – literally only stuff what my family would know about.

It’s all mad, part of it is everything i want to hear, but obviously I’m also healing, it’s a head fuck, a massive confusing head fuck. but this lady doesn’t charge money for the use of her ‘gift’ – she has a normal job like everyone else. What also made me smile – she said you have so much kindness to give, you need to use it to it’s full potential. It would be so easy to call her a liar, but actually, how can i? – there is no way in hell she could possibly know anything about me or him. She was correct 7 years ago – and i have already booked my travelling trips way before tonight?! My gut instinct does tell me to have faith and trust.


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