Bats [140]

Wow how glorious was this evening? I practised my photography tonight and I’m actually really happy with this photo I took: I love how I caught this mist creeping in on the fields and the sun flare!

I literally love being outside alone surrounded by nature, it makes me feel like myself. There were loads of bats out tonight – bat watching was my favourite thing to do during the summer holidays, and star gazing. I could honestly look at the stars for hours. I then took a de-tour to the lake (where we used to go fishing) and I was the only one there which was bliss, I just sat on the bank for a while remembering happy memories. Then the Blair Witch started scarring me again so i power walked it back home. Look how stunning nature is, this is why I always have to travel and capture the worlds precious, beautiful moments. I can’t stay here feeling suffocated with a mortgage and settling with some random man for the sake of it. My desires are more fulling then that. 🌞🙏🏻🦇🌌


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