Am I dating? [142]

I had a message come through on here today asking me if I’m dating – if so how are you handling it?

The answer to your question is a big fat no. I’m not dating anyone. I’ve had SO many people to tell me to “find someone else”. I couldn’t think of anything more repulsive and i’m not even sorry for saying that. I don’t want to be taken out on cheap dates, took on shitty nights out to show off to their friends. I don’t want to settle in this town or have someone spoon me in the night. I feel awful to say this but I can’t give someone that time.

I am mentally gone from all of that, I see so many skanky girls caked in make up, fake eyelashes, fake tan, fake nails, fake hair! It makes me want to run a million miles because I am terrified i’ll end up like that – drinking prosecco with their ‘girlies’ (I mean i don’t think i ever would as i have never used fake tan in my life or had my nails done) but I’m scared of getting sucked into the self-absorbed world.

My one and only focus is travelling and wildlife conservation, that makes me feel like the richest person in world. That is where my time is going.


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