Adventure awaits / moving out 📦 [147]

Oh my god, I cannot wait. 🌞🌞🌞🌞

So the time has come to move again, this time I am not flooded with excitement like before, but I am incredibly proud myself right now. My flat was my home, my safe place and I could not of loved living there more, having to pack that flat away was without a doubt one of the things that destroyed me the most. Now I’m packing up a room I have cried a hell of a lot of tears in, but living back at home has been comforting, I am going to miss waking up to this view every morning and walking these fields every night and staring at the pitch black starry sky. I am not looking forward to unpacking all of my stuff that just got dumped in the garage tomorrow, I know a lot of his stuff is in there aswel and all our Roman/Greek pieces from our travels – that life I loved, I really don’t want to get upset.

My new place will be different, it’s just me now. Nobody will be there to cook dinner with after a day at work or coming to spoon me in the night. I am just lucky the rent is so cheap! I can actually still save – we have worked out that I can save exactly £650 every month. Which is less then I have been saving now, but it’s not bad either, this time last year I could barely save £100 after all my bills had been taken out. On a good month I’m sure I’ll be able save more. For the times i am away my bills will be covered (i have really got this all sensibly planned out). Atleast i’ll be coming back home to my own space, I am going to make it so relaxing and I can’t wait to put my stamp on it.  

I could of saved for a mortgage, I could of saved enough for my own deposit by the end of the year and had ‘financial security’ – but doing that wouldn’t of made me feel free. It bores me and actually makes me feel anxious the thought of being stuck in a routine, that feeling of being trapped. I have another bank account I save for my future with, so if that day ever comes I am not completely unprepared. My travels will make me far richer and so will following my hearts desires. ❤️🌍


Ps thank you for all the lovely messages regarding blog [145], it makes me feel like blogging my life is worthwhile if it helps people all over the world feel less alone 🙏🏻✨you are not alone!


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