IBS Awareness Week [151]

I have 150 blog posts so i have no idea if I have done this post before (so sorry if I am repeating myself) but, I suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and apparently it is IBS awareness week, so I thought a blog post might help someone.

I got officially diagnosed last year, after lots of blood tests & scans it revealed that lactose (dairy) was the one thing which what was causing me so much pain and making me really ill. So a lot of the time I stayed in last year feeling anxious/depressed it wasn’t actually all me, I just felt so unwell all the time, the stomach aches were unbearable and without being gross, I used to have diarrhoea every.single.day… normally about 3 or 4 times a day. I was forever off work and it felt like I couldn’t eat anything without suffering. It was just completely miserable, and I know that is a big factor as to why I was so mentally down and not happy all last year.

I am a lot better now because I don’t have any diary/lactose. I think that is why my skin is so smooth and glowy now and why my hair is so long and shiny.  It was really hard at first, as I was so used to eating pizza, pasta, chocolate! All my favourite things. I had to change my whole diet because you’ll be surprised how many foods contain milk. This also made me depressed because my cravings wanted all the bad stuff, and because I don’t eat meat either it just felt like I was living off vegetables, so I felt tired and run down all the time. This was also when all the stress of the break up was at it’s highest so I just stopped eating. The depression was so heavy, food was the last thing I wanted, I just saw myself as 20 stone even though I was skeletal, you only have to go back a few blog posts to see the photos.

Present: I have started to pick myself back up slowly, I am eating again and look healthier. I eat the right things and my mood has lifted a lot and best of all – i don’t have the horrible bloating or stomach pains. I need to be fit and strong for my trips so that was my main focus. 👊🏻

If you are struggling with depression/anxiety I really would recommend you see a doctor, as I had no idea how much eating what wasn’t agreeing with my body was effecting my everyday life, it just became normal to always be ill and rundown but I didn’t know why. I was so tried, grumpy and depressed – no wonder he left me. Just have a read of the below and I hope you go see a doctor asap if you have any of the symptoms:


6 thoughts on “IBS Awareness Week [151]

      1. Yea she works a great job but she has had times in big meetings where she has the runs. For her shes doing better but still has days she has to order certain foods to make her go to the bathroom. Plum juice helps her. It’s caused her sometimes to not be able to go on walks or go out. No fun but she manages it well. She keeps her job and a positive attitude. Meanwhile I bitch around over insulin. All you do is stick yourself and feel better. Slight stress there. I did good today my 3rd try in training. I did the sticking right but I cant load up with the needle in insulin because of my tremors. The left hand is way bad the right hand is not as bad


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