IBS Awarness Cont. / loneliness [152]

Oops I forgot to add this onto my previous blog. Basically when you’re on your own there really is nothing fun or exciting about cooking just for yourself. It makes me feel so sad laying the table just for one so I don’t bother. I hate eating alone, that’s when the loneliness/depression really kicks in so I avoid eating dinner at all costs. I make sure all my therapy sessions are around dinner time or go for a walk. If I am hungry, I discovered these: they are really nice and just easy. Obviously I don’t eat them every night, but it’s not often you find a dairy free ready meal. I would highly recommend the range!

Trying to turn this around to a positive post:
loneliness does make you stronger, I am extremely independent and can stand firmly on my two feet and support myself. Because I don’t have a distraction of a random man to make me feel better, I have made myself feel better – by saving, going to therapy, booking adventures on my own, going half way across the world on my own!!!, getting a new job, buying a new car, lost 2 stone, moving out and finding new hobbies and going out my comfort zone. I did all of that ON MY OWN. If I can achieve all of that while battling the most terrible time, you’ll be amazed what you can do! if you’re feeling lonely today just feel comforted that you’re not because you’re reading my blog right now and you’ve probably just been able to relate to something I’ve said. Don’t let the loneliness pain destroy you. Trust me I know it, just reassure yourself you’re doing just fine on your own. What keeps me going is I don’t crave someone else to fill the gap, I’d do anything to still have my best friend, but I don’t need a replacement, he’s irreplaceable anyway. I crave adventure and adventures will fill the gap 👊🏻❤️


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