Why Costa Rica? [155]

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures” 🦋🌎🌺🎒👧🏻 

It really wasn’t a hard decision. I’m following what’s burning in my heart. I’ve wanted to go to the Rainforest all my life, even as a kid Tarzan was one of my favourite films, I have a photo of me dressed as Jane from primary school. I never thought it would be possible, it was just one of those dreams in the back of my head and I used to envy every person on the tv who was treaking through the jungle. 

As much as it’s a dream come true to go, I also wanted it to be a fulfilling as possible. I want the adventure, but I want to leave good behind. It’s like all my passions have just fell together – my love of nature, my love of animals and helping people. I can’t express how much I care, the love of nature is just built inside me. AND my love of photography because I’ll get the most stunning photos. Let’s hope Tarzan finds me and never lets me go and I can be raised by Gorillas 🦍💚

Seriously though, I do believe in destiny, my 6 year old self dressed as Jane was obviously drawn to this life, this adventure. I’ve never stopped loving animals or admiring the natural wonders of the world, I am completely facinated by space 🚀 I never want to stop thriving off history, looking at ancient ruins! I love imaging myself in their lifetime. I’ve never stoped caring or loving the man who touched my heart. I’d protect him in a heartbeat. I can love someone at their worst and still see them as the best. There’s nothing bad about that, I fighted until I was the only left fighting myself, for so long I have battled myself for it. But it’s because I don’t give up, imagine what use I can put that to in the future. I am just naturally nurturing and I can’t help it. 🌞 I feel like my light is glowing again. 


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