You’re never alone 🙏🏻 [159]

Wow, tonight as I was walking out of therapy, another lady similar age to me was leaving at the same time, I held the door open for her and as she said thank you to me she absolutely broke down in tears in front of me. I’ll be honest I wasn’t really sure what to do at first because i’ve never had a stranger just cry like that in front of me. She was trying to talk to me but she couldn’t get her words out and she just kept saying i’m so sorry, i’m so sorry and then it suddenly hit me she’s having a panic attack.

I walked to the carpark with her and asked how she was going to get home and she just looked at me and was like i don’t want to go back home, i’ve got nowhere to go. – and oh my god my heart just couldn’t take it, because i know EXACTLY how that feels, completely mentally lost and on your own. They were truly the worst days of my life, I used to sit there sobbing in my car, those panic attacks are evil. Then, being the typical lovely English spring weather – it started to hail and it was freezing cold, so I just said come and sit in my car for a minute. We ended up sitting there for 40 minutes talking, she calmed down a lot just by me telling her I knew exactly how she felt and reassuring her that everything was going to be ok. She kept saying how embarrassed she was, and it actually felt nice for me to be able to relate to that. I then gave her a lift home and she gave me the biggest hug.

I told her about my blog and she said she’d love to read it even just to take her mind off everything (but I stupidly forgot to tell her the link) but wow, how much have I changed as a person? That was literally me 5 months ago, and now I feel like i’ve helped someone else, even if it was just a little. How great is that? – giving a complete stranger a lift home and abit of reassurance and fingers crossed she’s gone home this evening feeling a lot better. My dark days are now to be shown as strength to someone else, what an odd but nice feeling 🖤 life really does know how to unravel itself.


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