The next adventure… [160]

Since i’ve been listening to ToTo-Africa everyday for the past month – it really is my favourite song – it’s no shock to say I’m going to Africa! I really don’t know why but I am in love with Lions. They’re just so beautiful and fascinating to me and I just have to be out there with them. I have spent all evening researching different places I can go to, and now i’ve got my heart set on going to this private game reserve and wildlife conservation park. You get to help track the animals and work with the kids at the local school. They also take you to Kilimanjaro (which would also be a massive dream come true to see). Once i’ve throughly planned everything out all I need to do is pay the deposit. (Photos below are from the place I want to go, these are exactly what I imagined myself taking with my camera off the back of a jeep). Beautiful 🦁💛


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