Shit just got real [163]

Argh! I’ve just booked my ONE WAY flight! I have quite spontaneously decided to fly to Colombia first before I then fly to San Jose. Shit! Everyone always jokes about “booking a one way ticket outta here” and I just did. I’m more excited then nervous now. Sooo Colombia I cannot wait to meet you! ✈️⛰ #livetheadventure 

Also trying to go to Peru, Ecuador and Brazil but you’ll be surprised how much planning is involved 🙈 let’s watch this space..

Oh Lord, it’s moments like this when I remember this time last year I couldn’t even face going out my flat, my anxiety was so terrible. If someone had told me in a years time you’ll be booking a one way flight to Colombia before the start of a massive adventure, all on your own, I’d of just laughed! 

I can’t stress enough how much my therapist changed my life. Just do it guys – trust me I know how horrible it is to even say to yourself let alone anyone else that you need “professional help” – it took me the best part of 4 or 5 years to do so, but thank the Lord I did! –  hold your hands up, break down, admit your need help, get help, be prepared for people to judge you, or in my case leave you, you’ll feel like shit for ages & emotionally drained, your whole mind set will be completely jumbled, you will cry a lot of tears but then you’ll realise that everything that was holding you back can be controlled, it’s not easy, but if you keep going it does get easier, suddenly you’re not the person you once were and doing the things that used to give you anxiety, without even thinking about it. You’ll be surprised where your life will end up… 

All it took was one person to help me (Debbie) and one person to inspire me (Levison Wood) now I want to pass it on, because I couldn’t sympathise enough with people who are trapped by themselves like I was.


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