The travel man [170]

I met a guy recently, we have loads in common and it’s great!  (no, i don’t fancy him or have any kind of feelings for him, i just can’t give someone my love or time, i don’t want that attachment or relationship – that’s not me anymore… plus he’s about 6 or 7 years older then me so it would just be difficult) I can’t stress enough that we are just friends!

BUT he’s a travel photographer, specialising in animals and landscapes. He has travelled all over the world – in fact he has been travelling for 10 years and only recently just moved back to this area! and now he has just started working for a really cool photography company. He is just so inspirational, it’s just really nice to have a friend i can share a hobby with, meeting him was the perfect timing in my life, he is going to get me back into photography and show me everything he knows. He is  going to show me how i can take some cool videos and how to edit everything beautifully. I love his liftysle, I can learn so much from him. 

He has also been to Costa Rica and all the same area so is giving me so many tips and what to expect. I feel like my life is just unravelling at every turn, i’ve met so many interesting people lately.


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