I’m doing well 🌞 [173]

What a mad week it’s been! I feel bad that I don’t daily blog anymore, but in all honesty I just don’t have the time (which is good!) here is my weekly run down:

Yoga – I can now touch my toes and do the splits (yep my new party trick!). I just love it so much, I have the best time with Was, it’s so mentally good for me.  

The travel man – either I am easily influenced by other people, but I really do listen to everything he tells me on how to live my life, he has changed me so much. I was actually invited on 2 “girls holidays” one to Ibiza and one to the typical Marbella. For me, there really would not be anything worse then having to sit by a pool drinking shitty cocktails with a load of shit music blasting out a cheap hotel resort. I was having a good rant about this to him and he totally gets it, he was like people are so sucked into this artificial selfish world. I’m sure all those refugees with NOTHING would love a cocktail by the pool.

Just get me to the jungle and to the wildlife sanctuarys where going away is to help, not to party. I’m so glad I have him to relate to 🙏🏻 🌎

Saying that, he keeps saying he wants fly to Costa Rica to meet me for some of the trip. I think he’s joking, is he joking?! I can’t imagine anyone flying across the world just to spend time with me? We are not dating or anything like that, i don’t want that. we just have the same mind set,  and his photography is everything I want to achieve. He’s the perfect friend.

I miss my best friend so much, I’ll never have a best friend like him – everyday I still hope he will be in my life again, but until then I just have to keep rolling with who is in my life, I’m so greatful for the positive people around me.

 It also hit me today that I’m also meeting the like 10 other people on my trip there! I had actually forget about them. There’s not many times in your life you’ll camp in the rainforest with strangers. I hope I make some friends for life ☀️


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