Rest in peace, baby. [178]

The reality of blogging your life, having to share the hard times aswel. I’ve been having a mentally low week anyway and then today is the terribly sad day my rabbit has died. I’ve had him 7 years. Anyone who knows me knows how much I loved him. There are no words for how upset I am. I really can’t cope with greif, it hurts so much. 

Rest in peace baby, you were perfection. I remember the day I brought you home, so tiny and crazy then causing trouble. 

So much has changed in my life over 7 years and you were with me through it all. You brought me so much happiness and I’ll never forget you, my little shadow following me everywhere I went. I’m going to feel so lonely without you. You were such a comfort to me on my darkest days. All I hope is that I gave you the best life, I’ll never ever forget you. I knew this day would come but that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye. Sleep tight my baby Prince. 💔🐇 


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