Travel Essentials [184]

I’m a fairly organised person, but today at work it just dawned on me all this shit i need to start thinking about packing, this blog is for my future self so i can keep check if I’ve forgot to buy/pack …. I’m sure it will come in handy to someone else too…

BAGGAGE – Start with the most essential, what bag to i take?! i need a fairly big one, but not stupidly big, i might get one of those massive rucksacks but I’m not sure how practical they are for me, i imagine them to really ache my shoulders, but then again i can’t exactly wheel a bag through the rainforest! ahh any advice?? 

CLOTHES – I really won’t need that much, just basic clothes which are going to get wrecked, I’m sure i’ll be able to do laundry at one of my hostels. Obviously it’s a rainforest so a waterproof jacket is essential, and a hoody for the nights, but it will be very hot & humid. SWIMSTUFF!! must not forget bikinis and swimming stuff, as most of my trip involves water activities/projects – must also back a towel. 

hiking boots? I’m not sure, i suppose so but they’re just so heavy on your feet, or i’ll get really good comfy trainers or walking shoes. i’ll have to go shopping and try things on. all i know it there is going to be LOTS of walking and i need sensible shoes.

CAMPING – I’m camping for some of the trip, the tents and sleeping stuff is provided, so i think i only maybe need a travel pillow? this will be handy for the plane & buses. I am known to always get cold, so i might bring a blanket aswel? not sure? 

CAMERAS – Id be a shit travel photographer if i left my cameras behind. Saying that i think I’m only taking 2, my big SLR and a GoPro! (I’m pretty confident i’ll be reaching for the GoPro the most) – must remember memory cards & chargers. 

MEDICATION – **NEED TO GET INJECTIONS ORGANISED** , also need to buy a first aid kit, personally i think this is an essential and i would feel at ease having one on me just incase anything did happen, i’ll need bug spray I’m sure, suncream, my IBS tablets, anddddd another essential – diarrhoea tablets! 

BOOK AND NOTEPAD – I love reading, especially on planes/buses to kill time, a couple of good books will keep me going. I also want to take my travel journal to write it everyday as i won’t be able to blog, unless i have internet but I’m going to get away from it all to be honest. 

blog to be continued…….




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