WWF 🐼 [185]

As I’m sure you’ve heard me mention many times on my blog my passion for animals, protecting the environment and helping those in need – I realised I don’t think I’ve ever really mentioned WWF.

I have been a member for about 5 years, but as i’ve got older and my passion for WWF has grown stronger, i have increased my monthly donations. This isn’t a post to brag about how you should donate, any amount is better then none, but for me, i want to be as selfless with my money where possible, i save what i need and i buy what i need – anything left over i enjoy putting into a greater cause, like in Italy i donated my left over euros to their campaign to ‘keep Italy clean’ – I’m just very passionate about wildlife conservation and looking after the planet and it’s where my future path is going.

Tonight, i have signed up to be a WWF Volunteer abroad, how cool is that?! Basically if work comes up, i’ll be contacted. Volunteering is what i really want to get my teeth into, I will be starting my first set of Volunteering this year in Costa Rica, and now i am just keeping my options open for the future. Please check out the website and read what great work they do, it will make your day. 

Also – on the website you can see your own carbon footprint, mine was 87% which actually put me in the ‘excellent’ category which I was so relieved about, in an ideal world this is what everyone should be in by 2020. It’s really interesting and gives you tips on how to improve, I’ll do mine again in a few months time and see if I’ve improved. 



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