🙏🏻 🇨🇷  [189]

I wish there could be more awareness for this, but it’s like everyone turns a blind eye. It’s easier to pretend it’s not happening, easier to just think someone else will sort it – and then you go back to your life and forget all about it. But I just can’t. 

I feel a lot of frustration (I need to let this out before I self combust) .. I can’t even look at social media anymore because it’s full of people in awful Magaluf or Ibiza taking a million selfies drinking by the pool, dressed like it’s a fucking fashion parade 🙉 why is everyone so self obsessed? How can you just be content plodding along a life so unforfilled. Why am I surrounded by these self obsorbed idiots, nobody cares about your tan and fake hair, because believe it or not – there are serious problems in the world and people like you are the ones who are fucking lazy and ignore it. That’s what annoys me – not the actual place, but the arrogance, that the problems are someone else’s to worry about, when it should be everyone’s responsibility. They don’t even think twice. Aslong as you’ve got your fake nails and eyelash extensions done to go pose on a fucking inflatable donut go fucking enjoy yourself. Ugh. 

I don’t even mean that in a nasty way, but it’s so sad that’s it’s true. I get so wound up because I care so much. I know I can’t change any of the worlds problems, but I can do something which is better then ignoring it. Just imagine if everyone got involved and cared so much, impossible I know. But just imagine.

I’m probably not making a lot of sense, but I know atleast one person on here will know what I’m trying to say. 🙈 

#rantoftheday #ifeelbetterforit #sorrynotsorry 



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