Helping the homeless [191]

There’s a homeless man I see near enough everyday, he is always sat near the shop with his dog, hunched on the floor. He never asks for money, he’s just always there, in the same clothes. 

The weather in the U.K. has been acceptionally hot, and I don’t know why but he just sprung to my mind, so I don’t know if it was right of me to do this or not, I know a few people who are against giving help or money to the homeless because it doesn’t actually help them – 

but to me I don’t care about his past or why he’s homeless, or if he’s not helping himself. I just think how would I feel on a boiling hot day sat on the street? My heart is too big, so I went down and brought him 2 bottles of ice cold water (mainly for his doggy) and 2 bottles of coke, some fruit, snacks and an ice cream. A whole bag of stuff for what ยฃ6, hardly an inconvenience to me. I felt so awkward approaching him, but I’m so, so glad I did because he was so greatful and had the biggest smile on his face. 

I don’t want to say it “made my day” because it still makes me sad the thought of him out there now in the same poisition, but I do feel good in myself that I had the confidence to do it, a year ago I would of wanted to of done it, but would of felt too embarrassed or anxiety would worry about what everyone else thought or just even worry about approaching him. Anxiety used to hold me back so so much. The only way to ever overcome it is to smash through it. 

I would / will do it again and that’s the main thing. Learning to be less selfish everyday. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป โค๏ธ


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